The HEAL Cities Campaign

The HEAL Cities Campaign is a partnership between the League of Oregon Cities and the Oregon Public Health Institute, made possible with generous support from Kaiser Permanente.

Surveys show that Oregonians want to eat better, move more, and feel energized to do the things they love.

However, in many cities, wholesome food and opportunities for regular physical activity are out of reach for most or all of those who live or work there.

The HEAL Cities Campaign is a resource to help civic leaders create healthy communities. We know what works: city policies that expand options for every person to by physically active and to have affordable and convenient access to wholesome foods, as well as policies that build a culture of wellness for municipal employees. Several Oregon cities already have some policies supporting healthy options such as bike lanes, community gardens, and city employee health incentives. With generous funding from Kaiser Permanente, the HEAL Cities Campaign intends to invite every city to take the next step towards health and livibility.

The Campaign has three components. First, it educates about the impact our built environment and food environment have on our health, emphasizing the status quo presents serious health risks to children.

Second, the Campaign offers alternatives. Campaign staff have compiled a library of model policies and best practices in use by cities around the country to create more options for active living, healthy eating, and workplace wellness. This policy menu will be updated on a regular basis.

Third, because each city is unique, the Campaign provides free technical assistance to help each city identify, adopt and implement the policies that are right for its community. Drawing on the expertise of Campaign partners the Oregon Public Health Institute and the League of Oregon Cities, the Campaign is well-prepared to help your city expand the healthy options it offers.

For more information, visit the website, or contact Karli Thorstenson

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