The SE 122nd Avenue Pilot Project is a neighborhood planning study that was completed by the City of Portland Bureau of Planning the Sustainability in 2011. The purpose of the Pilot Project was to explore ways to help create a “20-minute neighborhood” by addressing land use, transportation and connectivity, and development design issues in the commercial and multi-dwelling zones that lie within SE 122nd Avenue between SE Division Street and SE Foster Road. The Pilot Project will inform the city’s current efforts to develop planning tools and strategies that allow city planners to address many of the challenges posed by East Portland’s unique urban form. Despite this “pilot” status, however, the Project has produced a set of recommendations ranging from aspirational goals to specific actions designed to move the community closer to its goals. While some of these recommendations waited for consideration during the city’s 2013 comprehensive plan update process, others are short term, depending on continued political and stakeholder support and involvement, and availability of resources.

The purpose of this HIA was to evaluate both the health impacts of the recommendations themselves, as well as the health impacts of the 20-minute neighborhood form. In addition, it offers recommendations for how the Pilot Study strategies can be improved to better support the health of community residents. Based on the existing conditions of the area’s health determinants, the scope of the pilot project, community feedback, and suggestions and advice from the project’s Community Working Group and Health Partner’s Working Group, OPHI assessed the study’s potential for impacting the following five health determinants:

  • Opportunities for physical activity
  • Opportunities for accessing healthful foods
  • Opportunities for social engagement/cohesion
  • Safety from traffic accidents
  • Air quality

SE 122nd Full HIA Report

SE 122nd HIA Executive Summary

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