Access to healthy food options in retail settings is an important component of healthy food access and a healthy food system. The term Healthy Food Retail encompasses many types of settings where people purchase food, including full-service groceries, ethnic markets, convenience stores, farmers markets, vending machines, hospitals, workplaces, restaurants, community centers, and public events.

OPHI has collaborated with multiple partners on a range of healthy food retail initiatives. For more information, contact Policy Manager Emily Henke.


Healthy Food Retail Resource List: OPHI recently compiled a comprehensive set of resources for practitioners around the state engaged in a Community of Practice on healthy food retail projects.

Healthy Eating at Farmers Markets

Improving Community Health Through Healthy Food Retail. May 2010. Oregon Public Health Institute.

Healthy Food for New Columbia: The Journey of Village Market. Spring 2012. Oregon Public Health Institute.

Menu Labeling

Healthy Food in Public Places

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