The Consumer Confidence Project (CCP), housed at OPHI, has released a report of its pilot evaluation of Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs). The evaluation assesses CCO consumers’ access to information and CCO governance transparency.

The evaluation focused on consumer-oriented aspects in four main areas: Person-Centered Services; Responsiveness to Members and Community; Transparency of Governance; and Accessibility of Information. The CCP report is intended to help consumers and communities understand and develop expectations for this new model of healthcare delivery; to encourage CCOs to increase governance transparency in their organizations; and to provide CCOs with actionable suggestions to improve engagement of their members and communities. Consumer metrics, in conjunction with healthcare performance metrics and cost information, provide a more complete understanding of the successes and challenges of the coordinated care model. The CCP Steering Committee recognizes that health system transformation is a process that will take time, and offers this report as a tool to support that process.

Read the report here. 

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