Alignment with Health Equity and Development (AHEAD) is a national initiative funded by the Kresge Foundation, designed to bring together neighborhood stakeholders and converge community development and health resources to mitigate health inequities and social disparities in a targeted high-need area. OPHI was selected as the lead convener and facilitator for AHEAD Portland and has been working with a diverse group of stakeholders in East Portland who have identified the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood as the pilot area for the initiative.

The AHEAD Portland Convergence Working Group (CWG) will ultimately create a convergence strategy that builds upon shared knowledge and understanding of opportunities for aligned investments among hospitals, health care systems, financial institutions, philanthropic foundations, community development corporations, culturally specific organizations, local government, community-based organizations, and other entities who have resources in the East Portland neighborhood The CWG is comprised of a broad range of community stakeholders who currently have health-oriented programs in the neighborhood. After thoughtful consideration and community input, the CWG has identified two priorities to explore to meet the AHEAD initiative’s goal: 1) to provide residents with access to healthy foods and to address food insecurity and hunger among the most vulnerable residents of the neighborhood and, 2) to work to increase the level of safe routes for residents to bike and/or walk to local parks and community gardens.

If you have any questions or want more information about the AHEAD Portland initiative, please contact Regina Ingabire.

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